Several exciting things are happening at present:

First off

My new solo-piano album (yes, that's right - piano only, recorded "as live" in the moment as I express myself) is now available!  It launched 1 Nov 2017.  Get your copy at or iTunes, Amazon, Google Play Music, Deezer, Spotify or any other music provider you prefer.  Enjoy!


One of the main areas of focus presently is my show called "Rendezvous" which features myself on piano, alongside an amazing cast of musicians, which includes an upright bass, drums, electric guitars and a phenomenal string-ensemble.  Along with this, there is also a talented ballerina who features on several songs during the performance. One of the favourite moments in the show, is when I invite the audience to join me in composing a song, right there, in the moment, unique to that event.  Make sure you don't miss this show whenever it airs!  The next one will be near the end of August. This show is also available in its entirety for corporate events, private functions at your home as well as other special events that your school, church or community organisation may be hosting.


I am taking bookings for performances across the country, as I prepare a tour to various outlying areas (outside Pretoria/Gauteng, that is).  Make sure to contact me if you would like an event in your area to be included in this upcoming tour.


Riaan Eloff
082 806 0626